Monday, November 15, 2010

NFL Game Day Preparations, Plus NFL contests

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"Hey, Jack - it's a fact. Game's back in town...I've been waiting all day for Sunday night." That is the first thing I hear when my boys spring out of bed on Sunday morning...and then at least a dozen times throughout the rest of the day. I have never seen my boys (and I am including my husband in this) move so fast as when they hear the opening line of Faith Hill's Sunday Night Football opener. Whether it is the song itself, the promise of a football game, or the little black dress worn by the sultry songstress, they are there in a flash, ready for a knock-down, bone-crunching game of football.

Now, you may wonder what a Canadian wife and mother does while her American boys are watching football on Sunday. Do I slink off to read a book? Do I look for updates of my beloved NHL team online? Nope, I have come to appreciate the game of football during the 15 years I have lived in the United States and can talk West Coast offense, quarterback sacks, and zone defense with the best of them.


Living in Utah, there is not a hometown NFL team to root for, but that does not stop us from having our favorites. My husband has been a Denver Broncos fan for years and so we are all fans by default. My 9-year old, however, pledges his devotion to Eli Manning and the New York Giants, which pleases to me to no end because I see both Manning brothers as well-spoken, classy, hard-working role models for any sports-loving kid. Which leads to my favorite team - the Indianapolis Colts. I have never actually been to Indianapolis, but hold a soft spot for this team, primarily due to the work ethic of Peyton Manning. That leaves my 6-year old son, who is an easy sell right now. At the beginning of the game he asks, "Who are we cheering for?", watches and cheers for a few plays, then heads off to play with his Lego toys.

During time-outs, the boys run outside for a few minutes of punting practice and Hail Mary passes. Once the game is back on, they run back inside to watch the next part of the game. They particularly like to call the penalties before the referees have a chance to announce their decisions. "Holding. Number 91. Defense. 15 yard penalty. Automatic first down." - complete with hand gestures.

As much as game day is about the games themselves, it simply would not be the same without the snacks. Chips and salsa, sweet and spicy chicken wings, mini quiches, beer (for the big "kids"), and root beer (for the little kids). If game day just involves the four of us, a couple of snacks will do. If we are watching a game with friends, we pull out the food stops. Along with the standard finger foods, we turn on the crockpot for a hefty meal of shredded pork tacos or chili.

Sticky & Sweet Chicken Wings Recipe with Soy, Honey & Ginger

Whether it is the food, the touchdown passes, or Faith Hill that attracts you, Sunday afternoon and evening football are the perfect excuses to gather with family and friends.

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